Lorenzo Bennassar

Brand communication that touches people.

Welcome to my website.

I'm a Multidisciplinary Creative for Architects, Interior Designers, Scenario Designers, a Pastry Chef, a Bullfighter and all major advertising agencies.
With work featured in 15 countries from 5 continents.
Former Chief Creative Officer and brand communication leader of one of the biggest online social projects yet to be funded by the European Economic Community. If you want to know more about my career Click here .

750 m2 Video Mapping

  • for Acciona Producciones y Diseño
    Doha, Qatar. 2017

500 m2 Video Mapping

  • for Acciona Producciones y Diseño
    AbuDhabi, United Arab Emirates. 2017

420 m2 Video Mapping for Musical

  • for Acciona Producciones y Diseño
    Istanbul, Turkey. 2016

"El Cigala" Flamenco Dancer Design

  • Sevilla, Spain. 2016

Inmersive 840 m2 4D Mapping

  • for Acciona Producciones y Diseño
    Doha, Qatar. 2015

Oleoestepa Advertising Campaign

  • Estepa, Spain. 2015

Some Website Design

  • Capital.co.uk

Johnson & Jonhson 3,5 M Views YouTube Video

  • Brasil. 2014

Playboy Advertising Campaign

  • Sao Paulo, Brasil. 2013.

Havaianas World Brand Book

  • Sao Paulo, Brasil. 2012.

Information Society Plan Creative Diection

  • Andalucia, Spain. 2009/2011

Escribá Creative Pastry Aniversary

  • Barcelona, Spain. 2011.

Bullfighter Javier Conde Promotion

  • Malaga, Spain. 2005

Camper Creative Direction

  • Mallorca, Spain. 2000.


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