Johnson & Johnson
Project creative direction
Sao Paulo, Brasil

Working directly with Johnson & Johnson's marketing department and Octagon, there entertainment marketing agency, we created this campaign to anticipate blood donation shortage prior to the 2014 Brasil FIFA World Cup.

A campaign that overflowed all expectations and, according to the forecasts of the Pró-Sangue Foundation a public institution linked to the Secretary of State for Health of the government of Brazil, contributed in a decisive way to obtaining more than 20,000 blood donations, which resulted in saving 80,000 lives, given the extraordinary circumstances of need for plasma during the world soccer cup.

The original YouTube video, which became J&J most popular YouTube video ever worldwide, with almost 3,5 million views in the first month, was removed by Johnson & Johnson after the world cup.

A sample of my work as founder and creative director of The Heart Corporation Creative Thinking Boutique in São Paulo, Brasil.