Andalucia Information Society Plan
Andalucia, Spain

Chief Creative Officer

A few samples of my work as Executive Creative Director of the Andalucia Information Society Plan, one of the biggest online projects yet to be funded by the European Community, in charge of convincing 8.5 million people to embrace the internet.

This 3 year challenging journey required a huge amount of solid align brand creation and communication work. From creating more than a dozen of brands to communicating them through all available medias including trade and road shows. From setting up the biggest Andalusian social network to that date (before Facebook was what it is today) to building a network of physical online centers larger than the McDonald's restaurant network in the region.

In other words, anticipating the online reproduction of the entire physical Andalusian society at all levels that internet was going to become and turn it into a brand that 8.5 million people would embrace.