vision book (2019).

As part of our ongoing brand communication work, we were commissioned by the Lilium ↗︎ investor team to create a limited edition physical piece that they could leave behind after their meetings.

Something to complement, on a brand purpose level, the facts and figures of the presentation documents.

Text: Our name is Lilium, and this is who we are.

Text: Our journey began with a blank piece of paper and a question. Where would you like to fly?

Text: Until we realized the question was the answer. Because it was never really about where. But about why we want to fly.

Text: We all want to get home to our loved ones without getting stuck in rush hour traffic. We want to spend more time in nature, without it costing the earth. We want better and faster connections.

Text: The answer was up there, in the sky.

Text: And so was the freedom to ask for more. A better and more sustainable way to get from where we are to where we want to be.

Text: Suddenly, our task was clear. And we’ve been working on it ever since.

Text: Yes, it’s been challenging at times. It always is. But our excitement grows every minute of every day, just like the team behind it.

Text: And when you see it fly, when you actually see it happen, right in front of you...

Text: It’s breathtaking.

Text: Days, nights, weekends.

Text: One test, and then another. And another.

Text: And from every failure we encountered,

Text: we became stronger.

Text: We broke many rules.

Text: Many.

Text: But we had to if we wanted to get somewhere different.

Text: Our only limit has been the boundaries of physics.

Text: Today,
(Image quote: The Seine, Paris.)

Text: we have
(Image quote: Lucerne, Switzerland.)

Text: a long road ahead of us,
(Image quote: Tate District, London.)

Text: But our dream
(Image quote: Manhattan, New York.)

Text: isn’t a dream anymore.
(Image quote: Los Angeles, California.)

Text: We can all help make the world a better place.

Text: And our blank piece of paper? …It isn’t blank anymore.

Images quotes:
1.- Otto Lilienthal was in many ways the first true pioneer of aviation. With his glider he showed the world what could be done when you challenge conventional wisdom and pursue your dream. Today, we are building on his legacy to deliver the next revolution in aviation, guided by a conviction that the relentless pursuit of technological progress can be a source of good for humankind.
2.- A peaceful co-existence with nature sits at the very heart of our vision, and the fragile Lily is, for us, a symbol and a reminder of the respect our planet deserves. We take much of our inspiration from the natural environment and believe in creating a world where we can each enjoy more of what nature has to offer, without worrying about damaging it.
3.- We started with a blank piece of paper and a dream. We took inspiration from the past, and we took inspiration from our surroundings. The only rules we respected were the rules of physics. With persistence and hard work we achieved something the world said couldn‘t be done, and took the first steps towards making our dream a reality.
4.- Daring technology, unwavering conviction and a devotion to nature. That is what Lilium stands for.