Project creative direction
Estepa, Spain

Based on the wonders of one of the world's best extra virgin olive oil, we created this brand image campaign that included TV commercial, print advertising and a first ever interactive video ↗︎.

We're living strange times...
We call people we’ve never even met ‘friends’.
We chat without even moving our lips.
We say we’re collaborating and all we do is just press a key.
We have followers but when we look behind there's nobody there.
And we express emotion with 2 punctuation marks and a bracket.
It’s as though words nowadays have new meanings.
Words like transparency, future, security, fidelity, work, wealth, flavour, devotion, responsibility...
Oleoestepa comes from a land where such words have somehow managed to maintain their value.
Which is why, when you read Extra Virgin Olive Oil on one of our bottles, it means that it's truly extraordinary.
Otherwise, we wouldn’t choose to use the word.
Oleoestepa. Truly extraordinary.