Creative Brand Design Lead.

In 2019, I joined Lilium ↗︎ as Creative Brand Design Lead, to create the leading brand of a completely new sector: electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL).

A brand from a blank piece of paper before it even exists. Predicting the future and also thinking about the ones who already need it today. Present and future employees, but also investors, early adopters, media, supply chain, and other partners.

Collaborating with in-house graphic designers, product designers, architects and, external multidisciplinary teams, I led the brand creative direction through visual storytelling, video, photography, 3D render, illustration, UX/UI, for the website, all social media channels, online press and user-experience workshops.

During almost 3 years with Lilium, I have walked along with the company’s growth from 300 to 700+ employees, several generations of technology demonstrators test flights and a successful Nasdaq listing.

Photo by Davide Monteleone ↗︎ for National Geographic ↗︎.